Our concern with the environment led us to implement a formal environmental responsibility management system.

Our system consists of our policy, environmental manual, targets, annual goals and five programs that involve our entire factory:

- Management of the use of energy sources;
- Management of pollution monitoring and control;
- Management of water resources;
- Management of industrial waste;
- Management of material use.

We planned our system to fit our specific needs, seeking immediate, practical results. This complete and structured system has everything necessary to ensure our success in preserving the environment.

We continually strengthen our environmental practices through internal campaigns that include talks, promotional events and skits, among other things.

For our employees who work directly in our Environmental Responsibility System, we’ve created the programs “I Make a Difference,” “Direct Line” and the “EcoBoy Report.” Our goal is to foster communication between employees and the company and to engage everyone in continuously improving the system.

To ensure that the system is working properly, we conduct internal environmental audits with the help of trained auditors. These audits are designed to suggest improvements, point out nonconformities and monitor the system’s development.